Our Commitment

We are the renewable raw material company, and have decided to become part of the solution for a sustainable future


The laws of nature speak loud and clear; we need to replace materials threatening our planet and minimise waste creating a negative environmental impact. That's what drives us at oxoscandinavia. We are a spearhead innovation company with a single purpose: to pioneer the transformation to sustainable plastic packaging. 

Rooted in research and product development, we are here to challenge the plastic disposable  industry as we know it by sparking the fusion of organic packaging innovation and manufacturing systems. Through our innovation project, we aim to deliver scalable organic packaging


solutions designed for customer business, and ultimately provide consumers with better packaging choices for a sustainable everyday life.


Started in 2019, Oxoscandinavia is a joint venture between raw packaging material developer and disposable items manufacturing specialist. 

Our office is located in Borås, Sweden, close to Gothenburg, but our business and operations involves collaborations with leading experts in several European & South American countries.


Packaging Made From






Let us tell you "Magic is Possible"

Made in South America

We live in Sweden and strive to source the best products that South America has to offer

Circular Economy

We aim to achieve circular economy by providing sustainable packaging material for consumer goods.

Let’s Work Together

We love to partner with businesses and achieve good things together.


Environmentally Concious

We strive to help move you to leaner, greener products that won’t create so much harm to the environment.


We partner with organisations and experienced laboratories and manufacturers to continuously develop new applications in order to tackle the planet’s environmental crisis.


Our Products



Our products has been tested in independent laboratories such as:

Degradable: ASTM D6954, British Standard 8472 & ISO 4892/2, ISO 4892/3.

Biodegradable: Issued and Certificate from independent laboratories with ISO 17556 Applus (SPAIN), PYXIS (UK), University of Pisa (ITALY), RAPRA (UK) and UFSCAR / UNESP (BRASIL), SPI Sweden (University of Lund and Chalmers), RISE Sweden (Research Institutes of Sweden) AFNOR ACT 51-808 (FRANCE) 




Many worry about plastic bags littering in the oceans. We see how the root of the problem is close to home; on the store shelf, in your grocery bag and kitchen pantry. 

That’s why we are making hydro-soluble fossil free bag .

We are oxoscandinavia, the company that will replace plastic, and we have decided to take action and become part of the solution – by designing for circularity using renewable materials.

The hydro soluble and organic packaging project is an innovation community joining some of the world's leading players in materials, design and 

technology; united by the vision to create the world's first 100% bio-based and recyclable organic packages.

From your favourite coffee cup to your take away food, we are providing people with better environmental choices. And, although innovation is a step-by-step process, without a guaranteed result, we aim to place a 100 % organic packages in every hand.

By changing the plastic industry for good, we have the opportunity to impact people's choice of sustainable packaging and indirectly spark the beginning of an everyday movement.