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Our Commitment


OXO-Scandinavias journey started with a family trip to Colombias caribbean, Cartagena. 

Sitting in the playa with my 5 year old daughter in Cartagena we suddenly saw a lot of plastic garbage floating on the sea and beach. 

Once me and my daughter reached the water my daughter started to cry immediately. Under the plastic garbage we founded a dead fish.

Because of the incident we decided to walk to the other side of the beach in order to avoid the garbage and dead fishes. 


But in this end of the playa we founded a dead bird instead. The bird had been caught in a torn plastic bag and drawn in the sea.

Once again my little girl started to cry, but this time she had the strength and creativity enough to ask me why people throw plastic bags on the beach and in the sea?

I did not know how to respond to her at that specific moment.

Instead she left me with thousands Q&A:s about this topic


It was here when i REALLY understood how harmful we can be to the planet and that the man is hardly willing to change. At that moment it occurred to me ... What if everything that we throw away is edible, water-soluble and NON-ECO TOXIC!! That the fish, bird, insekts and even the sea microorganism can eat it!! 

And it was here, in COLOMBIA in one of the most exotic place on earth when this 24/7 wonderful journey started.


"I do not want to offer environmentally friendly and socially responsible products, I strive to inform and inspire the global community to embrace a sustainable lifestyle".

Founder & CEO

Fossil Free

Cassava Bag

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